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Celebrate the Arrival of the New Sea Lion Docks in Newport!

Did you know that some of Newport’s most boisterous residents have a brand-new place to hang out below the Historic Bayfront? That’s right! New docks are in place for the sea lions as they return to Yaquina Bay!

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Newport’s Historic Bayfront, chances are that you’ve seen, and most certainly heard the local sea lions. Male California sea lions call the bay their home for eleven months of the year, and they love to bask and roll about on the docks just below Clearwater Restaurant and Port Dock One. Every July, the sea lions migrate to the Channel Islands in California to mate with the female sea lions who stay there year-round.

The familiar docks for the sea lions were destroyed in a severe winter storm that battered the bay in December 2022, and the animals had been unable to entertain visitors and locals alike at their usual spot for the remainder of the winter and spring. Luckily, the Newport Sea Lion Docks Foundations quickly raised over $79,000 from more than 200 donors to rebuild and replace the docks in time for the arrival of the sea lions this August.

A celebration of the installation of the new docks and the return of the sea lions this planned for August 25th at 4 pm. Additionally, a beautiful new billboard has been placed at the entrance of Port Dock One to welcome guests. You can visit the sea lions for free, any time of the year when they are there. For celebration updates and more information, please visit

The Newport Chamber of Commerce is always ready to welcome you to the beach! Visit for a detailed calendar of events and a list of local businesses that will take care of every aspect of your stay.



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