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Starting at Yaquina Bay State Park by the historic lighthouse, the marathon route offers a picturesque journey through Newport's neighborhoods. This loop, primarily residential, features gentle hills and turns. Returning to the starting point, runners descend under the Yaquina Bay Bridge to the lively bayfront, passing by shops, restaurants, galleries, and a bustling fishing village.

Continuing along the bay, the course stretches past mile four, where a brief 40-foot ascent awaits before a gentle descent back to bay level. From here, it follows the scenic Yaquina Bay and River estuary until mile 15, when it loops back towards town along the same path. At mile 26, runners encounter the return of the gentle hill, offering a downhill finish. Along the way, participants are treated to diverse views, wildlife sightings, and glimpses of local fishing and crabbing activities.

Our USATF-certified course is known for being an excellent choice for both first-time marathoners and those aiming to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Its flat and fast nature, coupled with its stunning beauty, has led to numerous personal records and memorable running experiences. Come join us and embark on this extraordinary marathon adventure in Newport!




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