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It's a family business...

Jeff is an Oregon Coast native who has been blowing glass professionally for over ten years. He began learning to blow glass in this very space over 12 years ago. As time went on he met and was privileged to work with more and more knowledgeable glass craftsmen. Over the years Jeff has steadily been acquiring the knowledge to build his own studio. Things came together in 2016 shortly after the birth of his daughter Fern and thus began the family business. Jeff and his wife Amanda live in the area with their daughters Fern and Juniper.

Glass craftsman Jeff...

I live on the Oregon coast and love using glass to express myself. I find a lot of my inspiration and energy from nature and the Pacific Ocean. Living next to a huge body of water and the forces it generates has a profound effect on my life and my works in glass. I enjoy making things that people use every day, taking functional glass items and turning them into works of art that I hope bring a smile to your face, they do mine. I often work solo but my wife Amanda has been assisting me more often. She brings great energy and a fresh perspective to the shop. When I'm not blowing glass I'm off with her and our two girls exploring the world.



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