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The World is your Oyster in Newport!

Newport has had a close relationship with oysters since the very beginning! Yaquina Bay oysters had been harvested by Coastal Natives for thousands of years before white settlers began to move to the Oregon Coast. In fact, Oysters were one of the reasons that the settlers first came to the Yaquina Bay more than 150 years ago and have played a big part in the modern seafood economy ever since.

Harvesting wild oysters in Oregon is not possible anymore because native Olympia oyster populations are now protected by law to encourage their recovery, but other kinds of oysters have been introduced to the bay are grown commercially here along with the native stock. Luckily, you can still find fresh oysters for sale just a few miles up the Yaquina River from Newport’s Historic Bayfront at Oregon Oyster Farms.

Oregon Oyster Farms is the oldest oyster producer in the state and has been harvesting oysters daily since 1907. Located on the north side of panoramic Yaquina Bay estuary, Oregon Oyster Farms sell oysters on the half-shell ready to eat, bulk oysters by the dozen and oyster meat by the pint or gallon. When you visit the farm, try some of their special seasoning or homemade cocktail sauce, which is also available for purchase. Oregon Oyster Farms also offers gift certificates and can ship oysters just about anywhere in the world.

6878 Yaquina Bay Rd.

(541) 265-5078



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