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Women's Expression Session on June 25th is a community event meant to bring together, inspire, and rejuvenate women who surf in the PNW!

This is an entertaining and merry day including (but not limited to) a surf competition (kind of...), lesson, beach cleanup, and awards ceremony. The event will start at 9 am, with heats between 10am - 12pm (the last heat being the lesson/beginners heat). Then, following the competition, we will have a beach clean-up, a raffle and awards.

The Women's Expression Session was created by women, for women (yet ALL are encouraged to join in the fun), and grew from the idea to host a mock contest that threw out traditional rules and judging categories. We know how intimidating it can be to enter a surf contest, so we work to create a fun, light, encouraging, and judgment-free environment.

Heats are not scored, but there is always an undercover agent watching, ready at the end of the day to crown the winners of our special categories: most stylish costume, bomb grom, most creative maneuver, gnarliest wipeout, and whoa man!

We offer surf lessons for participants who are trying surfing for the first time or need a refresher (you bring the wetsuit, and we provide the board!).

Our goal is to make surfing more accessible, foster a relationship with the natural world, and strengthen our coastal community. We welcome all genders and surfing abilities to participate in this community-building event.

Hope to see you at the beach!

​All proceeds help fund the Siletz Surfer Girl camps and the continuation of the Women's Expression Session.

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