In 2017, we had the opportunity to open a taproom in the Wilder Community in South Beach, Oregon. The small room, which is primarily occupied by one large handcrafted bar top, became a place to gather and share life with others who love beer and connection. We grew a family of regulars and met some amazing people.

In 2020, we expanded! We now occupy the restaurant space of Wilder Corner as well. With a large open patio, a full kitchen, 12 taps, a coffee bar, and a spirits menu, you could say it was a glow-up. For our regulars and loyal travelers who have fond memories upstairs, don’t worry, we still have that space. For now, we will only be operating downstairs due to COVID-19 health precautions and regulations.

Our taproom is family and dog friendly. As long as your dog is friendly and you don’t mind us fawning over your adorable kids, we’re the perfect spot for you.

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