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Before Heading Back to School, Here's a Blueprint for Fun in Newport

Here are some quick trip ideas before school starts up!

We've helped to design you the perfect itinerary!

There are a lot of ways to fill your days and nights in Newport. Here are some suggested one-day itineraries.

For the Family

If you’re here with your family, there’s plenty to do to entertain all ages in Newport. Make sure to tire the kids out so they sleep well.

9:00 am

Breakfast, Pig ‘n Pancake ● Pancakes, bacon, biscuits and gravy, omelets, bottomless cups of coffee, and more, all in a very family-friendly atmosphere. No better way to start the day.

810 SW Alder St., Deco District

10:00 am

Oregon Coast Aquarium ● No trip to Newport is complete without a visit to the sea otters, touch pool, giant Japanese spider crabs, and other denizens of the deep. The shipwreck exhibit is closing soon to make room for a new exhibit later in the spring, so don’t miss it!

1:00 pm

Lunch, Mo’s, and wandering bayfront ● Definitely have your famous Mo’s chowder in a bread bowl – who doesn’t love an edible serving dish? After lunch, wander the bayfront to shop for souvenirs and watch the local fishing fleet in action. Say hi to the sea lions!

3:00 pm

Explore the Bayfront ● Kids and adults alike love these attractions found along the Historic bayfront in Newport.

5:30 pm

Dinner at Nana’s in Nye Beach ● Most restaurants in Newport are kid-friendly, and Nana’s Irish Kitchen, popular with both visitors and locals, is no exception. Come for the hearty comfort food, stay for the friendly atmosphere and beers on tap.

613 NW 3rd St., Nye Beach

6:30 pm

Bonfire on the beach ● Take your s’mores ingredients and head to the beach for an evening bonfire to wrap up your busy day. Nye Beach and Agate Beach are both perfect spots.

For the College Students

You’ve worked hard all semester (right?) – it’s time for some R&R, Newport-style.

9:30 am

Breakfast, Panini Bakery, Nye Beach ● Best lattes you can find in Newport, plus incredible baked goods. One huge Panini cinnamon roll will definitely hold you until lunch.

232 NW Coast St., Nye Beach

10:00 am

Rent surfing gear and catch some waves, Ossie’s Surf Shop & Agate Beach ● You can also take lessons and buy equipment through this shop, right across the road from one of the best surfing spots in the state.

1:00 pm

Burritos, La Roca ● Surfing sure works up an appetite. Time for burritos at this great Mexican spot.

352 SW 9th St., Deco District

2:00 pm

Walk the bayfront ● Unless you want to get back in the water, this could be the time to check out the bayfront’s shops and restaurants, and watch the boats come and go. Scope out meals for the rest of your stay!

3:00 pm

Tour at Rogue Brewery, followed by happy hour ● The Rogue Brewery in South Beach offers tours of its brewing facility multiple times a day. Be sure to stay afterward to try the beers and grab a bite to eat.

6:00 pm

Bonfire on the beach ● There should be lots of driftwood at the beach with which to build your bonfire, but note that setting fire to immovable stumps and logs is not permitted.

For the Adventurous Couple

Newport offers the perfect getaway for couples, whether you’re more outdoorsy or indoorsy. Here’s a schedule for the more adventuresome duo.

7:30 am

Run on the beach ● It’s good for the calves! It’s good for the heart! Get your blood pumping with an early morning run. Any beach will do, but Nye and Agate are popular choices.

9:00 am

Breakfast, La Maison ● If you’re more in the mood for a bowl of coffee than a cup, La Maison is your place. It also offers some of the best food around, including flaky pastries and mouth-watering cakes.

315 SW 9th St., Deco District

10:00 am

Bike ride through South Beach State Park ● If you’ve brought your bikes, try starting at the South Beach State Park day use area and riding north along the paved trail that leaves from the parking lot, then along the jetty road to the bike paths that go under the bridge. Or you can rent fat tire bikes at Bike Newport and ride on the beach near their shop instead.

South Beach State Park: 5580 S. Coast Hwy., South Beach

Bike Newport: 150 NW 6th St., Nye Beach

12:00 pm

Lunch at Clearwater ● There’s no better location than Clearwater and the food is just as good as the view. We prefer eating upstairs near the gas fireplace, with a view of the bay, the bridge, and the sea lions.

1:30 pm

Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area ● You could spend a whole day here, tide pooling, hiking, touring the historic lighthouse, and bird-watching. Look for whales offshore!

4:00 pm

Happy hour at Sorella ● Sorella in Nye Beach has some of the best cocktails around, as well as outstanding Italian food. The happy hour menu includes drink specials and delicious noshes.

526 NW Coast St., Nye Beach

5:30 pm

Dinner? Sorella? Georgie’s? ● You can easily eat your fill at Sorella, or if you want an ocean view for sunset, head to Georgie’s Beachside Grill overlooking the ocean.

Georgie’s: 744 SW Elizabeth St., near Nye Beach

7:00 pm

Bonfire on the beach! ● Have we mentioned how much fun this is? Best place to watch the sunset, hands down.

Written by Phil Sollers for Discover Newport.



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