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Newport's Guide to Responsible Beach Enjoyment

Here in Newport, we take beach etiquette very seriously so that both locals and visitors can always have the very best experience in the surf and on the sand! With your help, we can ensure that our beaches remain healthy and happy places that are welcoming to everyone. Follow these simple tips to keep the beach clean, safe, and enjoyable for all, and with just a little extra effort, you can leave the beach even better than you found it.


Always make certain that you don’t accidentally leave any trash behind when you leave the beach. Even biodegradable refuse like food scraps and banana peels should be removed so that pets and wildlife don’t eat something that they shouldn’t. If you see other trash on the beach, please take a moment to pick it up and throw it away properly.

Beach Fires

Please only burn wood and paper in your beach fire, and make sure that it is completely extinguished when you leave it. Use water to put out your beach fire and stir it around with a stick until only steam (not smoke) is coming from it. Don’t bury your beach fire in the sand because people and animals could unknowingly step into the hot coals underneath. If you see an abandoned or unattended beach fire, use these tips to put it out!


Keep all pets under control when you take them to the beach. Don’t let your pets run up to people or other pets who might not know that they are friendly and might be frightened. Please also keep your pets away from the many kinds of wildlife that call the beach their home.


There may be many kinds of wildlife on the beach for you to marvel at and take pictures of, but please don’t disturb them. Don’t approach seals or sea lions, as they can become aggressive when they feel threatened. Keep your distance from the many kinds of birds on the beach, as they might be mating or nesting. Enjoy the variety of sea life in tide pools, but don’t touch starfish, anemones, crabs, or other delicate animals that live in the tide pools. If you see injured wildlife, stay away from and contact the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Hatfield Marine Science Center, or the Oregon Coast Aquarium.


Please don’t burn large pieces of driftwood in your beach fire because they are difficult to put out when you are ready to leave. Driftwood can also be very dangerous, so don’t stand or play on the pieces of wood as they may roll or tip easily. Seemingly sturdy driftwood can suddenly move, especially when incoming tides and waves wash underneath them.


Please don’t play loud music on the beach. Everyone enjoys the sounds of the waves crashing into the sand, the barking of seals and sea lions, and the cries of the seabirds that circle overhead, but loud music scares the wildlife and disturbs people who are enjoying the natural sounds of the beach. If you want to listen to music on the beach, keep the volume low or use earbuds or headphones.

The beach is one of Newport’s greatest treasures. Thank you for helping to keep it clean and safe for everyone. The Newport Chamber of Commerce is always ready to welcome you to the beach! Visit for a detailed calendar of events and a list of local businesses that will take care of every aspect of your stay.



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