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Incorporated in 1882, Newport has been a vacation destination from its earliest days. The first tourists traveled to Newport to enjoy beachside hotels, hot sea baths, salt water taffy and fresh seafood. Over a century later people are coming here for the same reasons, and then some. Today’s visitors and locals alike enjoy numerous year-round outdoor activities, entertaining attractions, a variety of restaurants and unique shopping opportunities.


One of the most recognizable landmarks in Newport is the Yaquina Bay Bridge. Completed in 1936, this bridge was the final link on the Coast Highway, connecting the entire Oregon coast and bringing more tourists to the area. Funded by the Public Works Administration, this historic landmark was designed with graceful steel arches and sculpted geometric pylons symbolizing progress and hope for the future. Traveling over it provides stunning views of the coastline, the bayfront and the Yaquina River.


Just below the bridge sits Newport’s famous working bayfront. This is where Newport’s seafood industry flourishes and is home to canneries, processing plants, and the largest commercial fishing fleet in Oregon. Newport also boasts of being the Dungeness Crab Capital of the World; however, crab is not the only seafood delicacy available here. Salmon, halibut, cod, rockfish and tuna are popular fisheries open to both commercial and recreational fishermen. Also located on the bayfront are numerous restaurants, local retail stores and family-friendly entertainment such as Ripley’s World of Adventure.  

Over the hill from the bayfront is historic Nye Beach. Although most of the original buildings in Nye Beach are gone, the century-old Sylvia Beach Hotel (originally the New Cliff House Hotel) still stands proudly on the bluff overlooking the ocean and offers guests a unique and unplugged vacation experience. Nye Beach features several other beautiful hotels, eateries, shopping experiences, city parks and Newport’s beloved Performing Arts Center (PAC), all within walking distance. 

Newport is also home to two lighthouses. The Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, built in 1871, is nestled atop a hill overlooking the mouth of the Yaquina River. Even though it is considered the oldest building still standing in Newport, it was only active for three years before it was decommissioned in 1874. Further north is the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, built in 1873. This is the tallest lighthouse in Oregon and is located on Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area which offers several outdoor experiences such as bird watching, exploring tide pools, whale watching or hiking.

Whether you’re here to rest and relax, or to seek and explore, Newport has something special for everyone. For tips on designing your ideal Newport adventure, toggle through our curated Experiences menu above and get inspired.

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