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Image by Rikki Chan


Ride, eat, drink, sleep, repeat.

If speeding through trees, riding over logs and jumping rocks on your mountain bike sounds like your style, Newport has some fun in store for you. Just north of town at Big Creek Reservoir you can find exciting bike trails to zip through while catching glimpses of the beautiful and serene waters of the reservoir beside you. In South Beach at the Wilder Trails there are a number of options perfect for both the beginner and the experienced thrill seeker. If taking it easy is a requirement, check out the Old Jetty or Cooper Ridge Trails in South Beach State Park. These narrow trails have lots of twists and turns and are shared with hikers, so beware of blind corners. A great place to relax and enjoy a cold beverage after an exhilarating ride is Wolf Tree Brewery located near Wilder Trails. They have an outside patio perfect to sit and sip and welcome back the friends you left in the dust. 

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