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Happening on July 4th at dusk, enormous mortar rounds will be launched from a barge in Yaquina Bay. The spectacular display can be seen from all over town and the surrounding area. There are many great places around Yaquina Bay and in town to watch and hear the fireworks. Want to find the perfect place to view the show? Here are our recommendations:

  • Find a place that overlooks the bay or an unobstructed area that allows you to look at the sky above.

  • Settle into your spot in advance, well before the fireworks display begins at dusk.

  • Here are some of the best spots to watch the fireworks

    • Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site

    • Under the Yaquina Bay Bridge

    • On SW Bay Blvd.

    • Abbey St. Pier

    • The Embarcadero Resort Hotel and Marina

    • Clearwater Restaurant on the Historic Bayfront

    • Rogue Brewery and Marine Science Drive in South Beach



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