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Watch The 2023 Annular Eclipse in Newport!

Plan a weekend in Newport on October 13th-15th to watch the 2023 Annular Solar Eclipse! The annular eclipse this year will be much different than the total solar eclipse we saw in 2017 because the entirety of the sun will not be fully hidden by the moon in totality as it was then.

The eclipse is set to make landfall in Newport on October 14th at 8 AM and will reach “annularity” just after 9 AM. Annularity means “ring-shaped halo of the sun”, and it occurs when the moon is at its farthest point from the Earth and passes between our planet and the sun, and the moon’s entire disk is seen silhouetted against the sun.

We can’t predict what the weather will be like during the eclipse, but if it cooperates, we’ll be able to see the event before anyone else in North America!

Solar eclipses are amazing and rare events that remind us how incredible our universe is. It's important to remember that looking directly at the Sun is not safe for our eyes, especially during an eclipse. To watch a solar eclipse, get yourself special glasses or use other safe ways to observe it. There are many resources available online to help us learn about eclipses and teach us how to enjoy them safely.

Plan to enjoy this unique experience in Newport by reserving your lodging options soon. Newport has many campgrounds and RV parks, hotels, inns, and motels, but we recommend planning for that weekend now, as availability may become limited as the date approaches. You can also plan a variety of other beach activities around October 14th, as the weather in early October can be amazing, you’ll be able to make a complete weekend getaway around the eclipse!

For more information, check out NASA’s Solar System Exploration Site, and for a list of local lodging options, a detailed calendar of events, and a list of other businesses, visit the Newport Chamber of Commerce.

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