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Bayfront's Mural Tour

Newport’s Historic Bayfront is unique for many reasons: it was Newport’s original neighborhood, it’s still a “working bayfront,” and it is home to Oregon’s largest commercial fishing fleet.

However, another contributing factor to its uniqueness that is rarely talked about but is hard to overlook, is the vast collection of murals. Over twenty paintings adorn the sides of structures along the bayfront, ranging in size and subject matter.

These works of art depict the rich maritime history of the area and soften the otherwise industrial feel many of the buildings convey. The detailed artistry of these pieces is impressive and something one must spend a bit of time experiencing up close to fully appreciate.

For a fun, adventurous way to behold the beauty of these creative works, we’ve put together a mural tour. Whether you’re on a solo mission or with the entire family, this is an excellent way to add some excitement to your next Bayfront visit!

Follow the clues below, and the map as a guide, to immerse yourself in Newport’s history and lore. All murals can be found on or near Bay Blvd. Happy hunting!

  1. A Yaquina Brand

  2. A historical moment

  3. The Guardians of Newport - Semper Paratus

  4. Willa Jean

  5. A view from above

  6. A common scene

  7. Time for some maintenance

  8. A lone fisherman

  9. Pod of playful orcas

  10. Campfire on the beach

  11. Family time

  12. Under the dock

  13. Lookup!

  14. A looming squall

  15. Barnacled whale breaching

  16. A precious resource

  17. An undersea world of adventure

  18. A destructive leviathan

  19. What's lurking below?

  20. What does the sea lion see?

  21. At the helm

  22. Dolphin playtime

  23. Undersea mystery

  24. A local scene

Print and finish the Bayfront Mural Tour / Scavenger Hunt to redeem at the Newport Chamber of Commerce for a Discover Newport t-shirt. Limit one per family, while supplies last. Be sure to take a photo of yourself at each mural!

Mural Tour Map

Printable File Download:

Bayfront Mural Tour 2022
Download PDF • 3.20MB



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