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Navigate Newport's Tides and Enjoy the Beach to the Fullest

When you come to Newport, you'll want to find the best time to explore tide pools, beachcomb rocks, and shells, dig for clams, or simply enjoy the largest beach possible for strolling, lounging, and kite flying.

A tide table (available in print from many local businesses or from a variety of websites online) is a uniform chart of tide heights that tells you when high and low tides occur. Reading and understanding a tide table is easy and will best help you plan to maximize your time on the beach.

You probably know that tides are big waves that move through oceans at predictable times and are controlled by the gravitational pull of the sun and moon. The Oregon coast usually experiences two high tides and two low tides throughout the day.

The difference between high and low tide is known as the tidal range and can differ from barely noticeable to great distances of many feet. A tide table shows the local time for high and low tides and the height of those tides in a specific area.

Start by picking up a paper tide table booklet or looking up tide tables from a reputable source online like NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). Tide tables are set up like a calendar, so look up the dates that you’ll be at the beach.

Next, find the times when the tides are the lowest; tides are listed in feet either above or below sea level, with the tidal height followed by an H for high tides and an L for low tides. Now you’re ready to plan your next visit to the beach, with the most beach available, for all of your fun activities!

The Newport Chamber of Commerce is always ready to welcome you to the beach! Visit for a detailed calendar of events and a list of local businesses that will take care of every aspect of your stay.



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