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Passionate about the art of floral design, Newport Florist strives to delight clients with unique designs. They also offer floral classes and DIY workspaces. They create flowers for weddings, birthdays, funerals, anniversaries, holidays, and all occasions! They are also expanding their Oregon and locally grown options...if you grow flowers and want to sell some, call them!

Participate in floral classes with four workspaces so you can come in and make your own designs (with a little help and direction from a professional florist, if you need.)

They also create customized silk (artificial) arrangements to decorate homes or businesses. Personal consultation in your home or office is available. Corporate flowers are another of our specialties...if you need weekly flowers or even twice a month for your home, front lobby, reception area, or on the tables of your restaurant; call Newport Florist. They offer great rates for clients with standing orders.



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