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Mountain Biking in Newport

If speeding through trees, jumping over roots, and launching downhill on your mountain bike sounds like your style, we’ve got some fun in store for you. With its densely forested hills and valleys, Newport offers mountain bikers many exciting and challenging trail options. Just north of town at Big Creek Reservoir, you can find a variety of bike trails to zip through while catching glimpses of the beautiful and serene waters of the reservoir. For a thrilling, intermediate-level ride complete with plenty of berms, whoops, and rollers, check out the Dude Sweet trail. Are you seeking a little less action? Head to Level Up, a well-maintained, steady climbing track perfect for mountain biking novices.

In South Beach at the Wilder Trails, there are a number of ideal options for both the beginner and the experienced thrill seeker. Some easy options to enjoy here include Mud Puddle and My Humps. Both routes are quick rides but offer endless enjoyment, especially if you keep looping back. For those looking for more challenging conditions, check out the Leprechaun trail for some playful twists and turns, or Social D, a highly-rated trail popular with locals and visitors alike. Wilder is also home to the only black diamond trails in Newport, so if you’re looking for more difficult terrain, follow all signs leading to Drop Zone and Crazy Train.

We understand that not every rider is seeking dramatic drops and high-banked berms, so if taking it easy is more your style, check out the Old Jetty or Cooper Ridge Trails in South Beach State Park. These narrow trails alternate between dirt and sand, are bordered by gnarled shore pines, majestic firs, and towering spruces, and are full of twists and turns. However, beware of ripping around blind corners as these trails are shared with hikers and runners.

After an exhilarating few hours of riding through the forest, head over to Wolf Tree Brewery located near Wilder Trails; this casual and cozy taproom offers a variety of award-winning brews and craft cocktails guaranteed to quench your thirst. They also have a full menu including appetizers, salads, sandwiches, burgers, and tacos that pair perfectly with their collection of delicious beers.

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