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Disc Golf in Newport

Whether you’re new to the world of disc golf or consider yourself an expert, Newport has two popular disc golf courses that can accommodate everyone’s experience level. Both are located in South Beach and offer an abundance of wild, natural beauty.

For disc golf novices, South Beach State Park’s Twisted Pines is a great place to learn. It has an open layout with multiple tee pads ranging in skill level. (If you were wondering, a tee pad is an area where players make their first throw for a hole.) This 18-hole course is surrounded by shore pines and dunes with a long and short basket for each hole, offering various ways to play your game. There are no fees or permits required, but Oregon State Parks rules apply.

If you’re looking to get lost in the woods, check out the Wilder Disc Golf Course. Located just off Highway 101 near Oregon Coast Community College, this option is perfect for seasoned disc golfers. Full of twists, turns, bushy areas and narrow fairways, Wilder offers an exciting challenge amid an enchanted coastal forest. The holes can be difficult, so more experienced players fare better here, and it is not uncommon to lose a disc. Wilder, like Twisted Pines, is also free; however, since it is set on private property, you must get a permit before you play. To obtain one, email the course’s property management for more information.

Once you’ve finished your game (and hopefully achieved your 10,000 daily steps), you’ll most likely be in need of sustenance. Wilder is right next door to Wolf Tree Brewery, or, if you’re coming from Twisted Pines, it’s only a minute or two by car. You can also head to the Rogue Brewery, also just minutes from both courses and enjoy stunning views of the bayfront and Yaquina Bridge.

Are you inspired to get outside and, as they say, “huck some plastic”? Then pack your disc golf bag and come play in Newport!



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